A computer network allows you to easily connect the power and resources of multiple computers together.  When they are connected you can do things such as share files, read off of a central database, use multiple instances of a software program and more.  For those looking for a computer network installation orange park fl company there are many available.  When contacting them make sure to let them know what it is you want to.

Private Data Server

A private data server is a computer that holds all the programs and files associated with a company. This type of computer is located behind firewalls and on a secure internal network.  An internal network is a collection of computers that connect to each other internally without access to the World Wide Web.

When we work with a private data server, we have the ability to pull files off of a central machine.  These can be patient records, contact details, customer orders or anything that your company may want to use.  For home use a private data server can be setup to watch movies, share bandwidth for games and more.

Printing server

A print or printing server is where all the data is sent to be printed.  This is a good option to have when you are in a large office and don’t want or need to invest in a lot of printers for each employee.  Law offices, doctors offices and other businesses that have multiple employees who need to print off a single type of document multiple times a day.

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When on a network you have more security.  Access to the World Wide Web or sites like Google are typically blocked on this network.  The only purpose for these types of networks is to share and access data internal to a company or other entity.

Top Reasons For Creating A Computer Network