3 Ways You Can Improve Pharmacy Workflow

Your pharmacy’s efficiency is crucial to your bottom line as well as the experience and satisfaction of your patients. You’d be surprised to know just how much improving your workflow can improve the dynamics and operations of your pharmacy. Let’s get into 3 ways you can transform your pharmacy’s workflow.

Measure Your Performance

In order to measure your progress, it is important to establish a baseline and keep track of your performance. Your baseline is your starting point, so you should use this to create goals and make improvements to your pharmacy. Look at some of your metrics, such as scripts per hour, and use these to help recognize which areas can be improved and what practices need to be altered or eliminated.

Consider Automation

Florida pharmacy software programs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce the time spent taking care of many tasks in the workplace. Depending on what your goals are, automated systems can reduce costs, enhance patient care, free up time, and more. An automated system can also refill prescriptions, eliminating manual refills.

Florida pharmacy software programs

Assess Your Inventory

Your inventory is an area that can likely use some improvement. Having too much of something or too little can be a big problem – too much and you lose shelf space, too little and you may miss out on sales and receive complaints. Automating your pharmacy can make keeping track of your inventory simple, so you can get a better idea of what you need to keep up with patient demands. You can also work alongside your patients to ensure that you have the rare or expensive medications they need.

With these tips, you can dramatically increase your pharmacy’s workflow and productivity. Keep tabs on your performance, consider an automated system, and make sure your inventory is stocked with what you need.