Common Problems Technicians Might Face With Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration units are used to cool a wide variety of products and buildings.  When first thinking of a refrigeration unit one might think of a meat packing plant or walk in cooler.  Commercial units like these can be found in a vast array of different locations.  When they go down however, a skilled technician will need to be called to fix the issues.  Before they break here are some common issues commercial refrigeration repair minneapolis mn technicians may have to face.

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Power issues

Power issues with these units are rare but they do happen.  The likelihood of the unit not getting power is slim so it is recommended to check the following before calling a repairman.  Make sure the unit is plugged in.  I know this sounds like a simple issue but you would be amazed at how often a cord is knocked lose while mopping the floor.  Next, make sure that a breaker is tripped or a light switch isn’t hit.  More often than not someone thought they were turning off a light but they actually turned off your unit.

If after checking all of these unplug the unit and bring it to another outlet.  Plug it in and see if you are getting the same issue.  If so, then it is probably the power supply.  Contact your repair company and have them replace it.

Temperature issues

If your unit isn’t cooling make sure that you have space away from the wall.  All the units require air to flow through the compressors to cool the units.  If you have enough space then the issue may reside in a compressor, a lose seal or gasket.  These are simple fixes and could be done by staff.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need it working and working now, call your repair personal.